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About NJ Properties

We started our journey in 2008 when we first bought out own BTL property and start managing it. The business has grown so much in the last 10 years that we as a group own 30+ properties and managing it. We want to expand our valuable services to other private landlords and manage the property like one of ours. We offer a range of properties and services to our tenants and landlords. Managing a property can be time consuming: you want to give your tenants the a great service and at the same time ensure your property remains in peak condition.

NJ Properties can remove many of the headaches associated with being a landlord. We understand that renting can be a daunting and stressful process so we pride ourselves on offering a professional, friendly and trusting service, aimed to take all the hassle out of renting property whilst giving you complete peace of mind.

How to contact us

Phone: 0203 897 3539


Company Information

Registered in the United Kingdom. Company Number: 10647173

Company Name

NJ Property Group Limited
trading as NJ Properties.

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